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Acantha Argo Bio Ethanol Fire in Black Nickel

Acantha Argo Bio Ethanol Fire in Black Nickel

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Condition: Factory Second

Please Note: This product may have minor cosmetic marks or scratches, these will not hinder the items functionality. Products have been tested, refurbished and repacked. Sorry, but due to the large volume of fires that we handle we cannot take individual photos of each item.

Product Information

- Black nickel bio ethanol fire.
- Control tool supplied.
- 1.5 litre capacity with a 3 - 5 hours burning time.
- Up to 2.3kW heat output depending on size of aperture.

The Acantha Argo bio ethanol fire is a fire to be desired. The fire has a modern feel to it with its black nickel and black trim finish and is a perfect companion to your wooden, marble or stone fireplace which will complete that warm and homely look that you are after.

Product Features

Fire Colour: Black nickel
Burner Colour: 
Stainless steel
Heat Output: 
Up to 2.3kW depending on size of opening
Fuel Type: Bio ethanol liquid only
Burner Capacity: 
1.5 litres
Burning Time: 
3 - 5 hours depending on size of opening
Minimum Room Volume Required: 63m3
Compatible with wooden, marble & stone fireplaces
Glass Fronted: 
 Not suitable with gel fuel
75mm rebate required
Safety Note: 
Do not place any objects or obstruct/cover the opening of the burner.
Tested to BS EN 16647:2015 - Fireplaces for liquid fuels. Decorative appliances producing a flame using alcohol based or gelatinous fuel. Use in private households

Key Measurements

  mm inches
Height: 637 25.08
Width: 560 22.05
Depth: 137 5.39
  kg lb
Weight: 13.32 29.37


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